Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hello, Friends!!!

It has been forever since I've posted, lots going on!! I did purchase a new computer, a laptop!! Now, the next purchase will be a camera!!! Then hopefully, I'll be able to post some pictures!! With help of course!!!
I'm stitching on a Trilogy Halloween piece, almost finished!! I'm also doing a patriotic primitive stitch for a wonderful online friend of mine!! I have made many friends just by joining exchanges and posting on individual blogs!!
Had a busy weekend, DD and granddaughter came in from Lexington, Ky Friday and just left!! I so enjoy their visits!! They used to live in Atlanta!! 8 hour drive compared to an hour and a half, wonderful!!!!
In a minute hubby and I are going to sit on the porch and I'm going to relax and read!! Started "Girls" by Lisa Larsen yesterday, it's going to be great!!!

I'm going to make this short tonight, hope you gals had a great weekend and also have a wonderful blessed week!!


1 comment:

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