Thursday, November 18, 2010

I have been absent...

for quite a while!!! No excuses!!! I still haven't figured out how to post pictures, hope to FINALLY learn how over the holidays!!! When the kids come home!!!
I have been doing quite a bit of stitching/ sewing for the holidays..made 2 quilted Christmas stockings for a friends children, they turned out really cute!!! They are from a Nancy Halvorsen book, if you like to sew/quilt, check out her books, you definitely won't be disapointed!! I have all of her books and hold my breath when she has a new one!! I'm also stitching ornies for my husbands siblings, I'm not a very good finisher, but I am learning!! Thank heavens for tutorials!!!
Looking forward to T'giving, all 3 granddaughters will be here, ages 8, 7 and 6,,,they are really fun to have around and can be really onery!! LOL!! I'll be doing the cooking, but it should be a fun day!! Then, off the next week on vacation, yippeee!!! Will decorate, watch my soaps, yep!!! I love soap operas and not ashamed to admit it!!! LOL!!! and hopefully more sewing and possibly get some shopping done!!! I'm cutting down this year, as I'm sure most are!!!
Well, I'm off to stitch!! Hope everyone has a great evening, and will talk more later!!!




  1. You are funny. I watch the ABC soaps and don't admit it very often. Enjoy your holiday and your soaps!

  2. Hi Ellen
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such a lovely comment:)
    Great to meet you and glad to hear you love stitching too-just not enough hours in the day!

    Have a great time over the Christmas holidays,
    Shazy x